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Old Jaffa: 5 Things To Do Off The Beaten Track

Old Jaffa: 5 Things To Do Off The Beaten Track
                                          These off-the-beaten-track treasures won’t stay secret for long, so get exploring! 

A good place to start a tour of Tel Aviv is in the historical city of Old Jaffa. This area is known for its beautiful hilltop overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, narrow streets leading to a number of different excavation sites, and rare art exhibits for visitors to enjoy. Stroll around this unique area for a once in a lifetime experience and indulge in everything the city has to offer!


1. → Jaffa Art Salon

Location: Warehouse 2, Jaffa port

At the center of Old Jaffa, is the Jaffa Art Salon, a remarkable exhibition featuring the work of Jewish and Arab artists. This unique showcase has a diverse range from contemporary art, illustration, pop art, fine paintings, crafts and much more. Approximately 20 artists from across Israel and the West Bank present their art in this unique space and hope to attract the interest of locals and visitors. Art collectors often visit this location to find distinct pieces to add to their collections. Within Jaffa Art Salon, there is the cuban salon, an exhibit that changes monthly. Don’t miss out on the innovative and compelling art works made by a wide range of talented artists.


2. → Ajami

Location: Ajami, Yaffo

In the coastal city of Old Jaffa, Ajami neighborhood is located south of the Old City and Port of Jaffa. This neighborhood offers a unique cultural experience for visitors who wish to discover a less familiar part of Jaffa. Explore the narrow streets in the neighborhood which includes a mix of old houses that were built during the Ottoman period, together with new houses situated parallel to the Mediterranean coast. Tour around this area that has a variety of things to do and see. There are churches, monasteries, interesting shops and restaurants with amazing local flavors!

→ Hof Givat Aliyah 

Location: Kedem 132, Yaffo (Givat Aliyah beach)

Givat Aliya is Old Jaffa’s breathtakingly beautiful beach area. It is constructed in a unique and remarkable style. The stone arches and palm trees along the coastline, makes it a perfect place to visit for those interested in a change of atmosphere.. Dont miss out on the most amazing panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea! Shuk Hapishpeshim (Jaffa’s flea market) is an authentic area within the neighborhood of Old Jaffa.

4.  → Shuk Hapishpeshim 

Location: Between Jerusalem Boulevard and Yefet St.

Shuk Hapishpeshim (Jaffa’s flea market) is an authentic area within the neighborhood of Old Jaffa. This charming area filled with old and new shops is one of the most trendiest locations in Jaffa. It offers visitors an assortment of various antiques and collectable shops, upscale designer boutiques, delicious restaurants, bars and chic cafes. Shuk Hapishpeshim is highly recommended for those interested in an awesome place to visit, even if your not looking for anything in particular! At the center of Old Jaffa, rests a picturesque Kikar Kdumim (Kdumim Square).  


5. → Kikar Kdumimkikar kedumim

Location: Kikar Kedumim, Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv- Yaffa

At the center of Old Jaffa, rests a picturesque Kikar Kdumim (Kdumim Square). It is in the midst of many excavation sites, dating back to Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine eras. Locals and tourists are drawn to this area because of its narrow alleys, beautiful gardens, and its characteristic urban landscape. The square offers tourists and visitors an interesting experience. Ranging from Churches, the Wishing bridge, and stunning viewpoints of the Mediterranean Sea. There are many restaurants, cafes, souvenir stands and lovely galleries. Enjoy one of the most spectacular places to visit in Old Jaffa!

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