ProperTLV cares about your interests–our team of agents are here to help you on every step of the way with the apartment hunting process, ensuring a wide range of services at your disposal. As a commitment to fulfilling your housing needs, the following is a list of services provided to buyers and renters to ease the process.


For Owners

Optimization and enhancement of the rental of your apartment.

Working on marketing and promotion on relevant platforms.

Finding suitable tenants.

Preparing and signing leases together with collecting guarantees.

Collecting rent on time and in full.

Assistance in reissuing utilities payments in the tenant’s name.

Availability 24/7 for the owner and tenants.

Insurance payments & other necessary payments.

Repairs / maintenance of the apartment.

In the end of lease cleaning and painting the apt if necessarily and charging from the tenants if needed.

To make the property attractive to new tenants.


For Buyers

Consultation on Best Areas to Live in Tel Aviv

Customized Search Based on Client Criteria

Guidance on Finding the Right Apartment that Suit Client Needs

Assistance with Paper Work Procedures, Negotiation, and Final Closing of Deals

Help with Linking Clients with Professional Services

Provide Clients with Contacts to Lawyers, Different Mortgage Plans, and Accountants to Ease the buying Process

For Renters

Customized and Personalized Apartment Search

Assistance with the Negotiation Process

Facilitation and Guidance from Beginnning Stages of Process to Actual Signing of  the Contract

Help with Finding the Best Deals on Furniture for Your Dream Home

Consultation on Best Areas to Live 

Acting as a Liason Between Client Interests and Exclusive High Standard Apartments

Linking Clients with Contacts to Professional, Reliable, and High End Services

Personalized Assistance with Listings for Long and Short Term Rentals, Parking Spots, and More

Ensure Apartment Package Deals that Stay Within the Maximum Budget

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