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Florentin is definitely thought of as the birthplace of hip in Tel Aviv. This eclectic neighborhood is home to many artists, musicians, dancers and poets that reside in tel aviv. Unbeknownst to some, Florentin also has some great eateries. Be sure to check these places out the next time you wander down there!







Situated on a small unassuming side street, Dalida is a haven for food lovers. Recognized as one of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv, the creators of Dalida sought to create amazing food, with a slight twist. And boy did they succeed! The restaurant is sleek and elegant, and the service is beyond reproach. Make sure to try the spicy feta brulee, and the oxtail sambusac with creme fraiche. As if it couldn’t get any better- between 17-19 on Sunday-Thursday all the dishes in the restaurants are 50% off! Make sure to reserve a seat early though, because they do fill up quickly.

>Zvulun 7, 03-536-9627







  1. Salaf u’Bno


If you want a more traditional style meal, make sure to head over to the Yemenite Mecca that is Salaf. The restaurant has the most amazing vibe, with large posters of musicians on brick walls, and a huge sharing table that can fit up to 10 people. The music is loud and middle eastern, and the waiters will usually pour shot of Arak and drink with you. The food here is simple but amazing. Homemade yemenite dishes such as Lachuch (Yemenite flatbread), Jachnun (Yemenite flaky pastry), homemade couscous and veggies, hummus and slow cooked meats. In similar fashion to Dalida, between the hours of 5-8 Sunday-Thursday all meals are 50% off. Florentin understands the need for amazing and cheap food, and ultimately delivers.


>Nahalat Binyamin 80, 03- 522-1344


  1. Ouzeria




Greece and Israel have long been friends, and share similar parts of their culture. The ouzeria is a Greek restaurant that ranks one of the 10 best restaurants in Tel Aviv. At any given night the small restaurant is full of people and music. They make sure to keep the greek love of festivity alive, and the music is loud, greek, and fun! The food is simply delicious. They serve everything in smaller serving portions. So you get to taste a bunch of different options. Make sure to try the Freekeh Risotto, and the Sirloin on Souflaki Flat Bread. The combinations of flavours here will drive you wild!


>Matalon 44, 03- 809- 4251

diego san


  1. Diego San

Florentin is an eclectic mix of people, so it makes sense that their restaurants reflect the unique atmosphere of the neighborhood. Diego San is a perfect example of that. A restaurant that celebrates asian and south america, and has created a mexican korean fusion menu. The restaurant reflects the menu, with decorations from asia and south america ( little cats, and meur de merta skeletons). The food is amazing, from korean nachos, to korean buns with ceviche, the food here is truly one of a kind. Don’t forget to order the fantastic cocktails, such as the Pina Colada, and the Margarita. If you’re planning to go on the weekend, they also serve Ramen!


>HaMashbir 2, 03- 553-1557


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