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5 Coolest Places to Enjoy Live Music in Tel Aviv

5 Coolest Places to Enjoy Live Music in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is an always-happening city. Famous for its wild nightlife and bohemian artsy crowd, the city is overflowing with outlets for artistic expression. There is no shortage of interesting places to get your weekly live-music fix. If you are not into the mainstream clubbing and prefer listening to a local band in an intimate atmosphere, or to enjoy a famous local artist performing in a bigger venue, then this list if for you! You should definitely check out at least one of those spots.

Ozen Bar

@King George St 48

Ozen Bar is a truly unique establishment in Tel Aviv, and a popular spot for the live music affectionados in Israel. A hub for local indie and alternative music, the bar is located above the film and music store called The Third-Ear. An ultimate destination for those looking to enjoy high quality music. Ozenbar offers live local music, in both Hebrew and English, as well as a fully stocked bar. There is a cover charge if you arrive at the start of the performance. Conveniently located in the heart of Tel Aviv, right in front of Dizengoff Center. Great place to start exploring the indigenous live music scene, as it hosts a variety of genres from folk to pop, rock to noise, funk-groovy to hip-hop. OzenBar offers daily live shows, sometimes even several performances a day.

Barby Tel Aviv

@Derech Kibuts Galuyot 52

This landmark music establishment in Tel Aviv is located in the Southern part of the city. Hosting mostly well established local performers interspersed with a selection of indie international performers. Barby is one of the larger live music venues in Tel Aviv, with the capacity of around a thousand visitors. Expect a cover charge between 50-100 NIS, but it is not a big price to pay for a chance to experience some Israel’s finest artists.

Zappa Tel Aviv

@Raoul Wallenberg St 24
One of TIsrael’s best venues for live music, the Zappa Club is in the Ramat HaHayal neighborhood. Zappa draws many of Israel’s most popular musicians, as well as a good range of international stars. Zappa hosts concerts most nights. The location i a little out of the way, but is just a short cab drive away from the downtown.


@ Hagdud Haivri 5

If that’s really the local underground experience you are after, visit HaZimmer. The true hidden gem, HaZimmer doesn’t even have a visible sign from the outside. This awesome secret place is about the size of a large room with a cozy atmosphere and grungy feel. Situated in the Southern part of Tel Aviv, right off of Allenby street, HaZimmer is one of the best spots to catch emerging local indie talents. Enjoy cheep beer while listening to a wide range of underground alternative music in a variety of genres. Shows are not every day, so make sure to check the program before you go.

Bar Giora

@corner of Dizengoff and Bar Giora streets.
Another well known local secret. Centrally located near the Dizengoff Center the bar is not all that it appears from the outside. Looking just as another cafe/restaurant from the outside, Bar Giora offers great food and drinks to the leisurely patrons. But the real action is happening in the basement, tucked away from a unknowing visitor. A variety of local up-and-coming musicians, open mic nights and always an intimate vibe. Definitely worth a visit if you enjoy talking to strangers all night long over a beer and, while sitting two meters away from the stage.

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