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7 Amazingly Beautiful Tel Aviv Apartments

Tel Aviv is known for its stunning beaches, sunny weather and tolerant locals. But it is also home to extremely talented architects and designers who work their magic to turn empty spaces into amazingly beautiful living quarters. Check out these unbelievable apartment designs that we have compiled for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Minimalist Duplex in Old Jaffa

A true show stopper, this Old Jaffa apartment is truly a work of art. Old Jaffa is by far the most eclectic neighborhood in Tel Aviv. Ultra modern minimalist apartment design provides a stunning contrast to  its famous narrow alleyways, numerous art galleries, historic stone buildings and authentic eateries.

Sleek Apartment in Basel

Nothing says relax as pastel and light colors and lots of open space. Visually stunning this apartment is functionally thought through with plenty of space for family activities.

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