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Discount on Arnona for New Immigrants

The 411 on where to go and what to ask in order to make sure you get the benefits you deserve!

Whether you are planning to rent an apartment for short or long term in Tel Aviv, there are several factors to keep in mind as you make the big move. The Israeli housing market is unique in that the costs of the apartment utilities become the responsibility of all tenants moving into a given property. Unlike in the U.S. or other markets in the world, tenants in Israel have to endure the costs of building maintenance fees, municipal taxes (arnona), electricity, gas, and water (based on usage).

You’ve found your dream home and are about to sign the contract. What do you do? Where do you go? And how do you make sure you are getting the best deal yet? This post is aimed to pave the way for new immigrants to gain a better understanding of where to go to take advantage of the benefits they deserve.


Where to Go for Benefits

The Ministry of Interior is the place to go to enquire about benefits concerning municipal taxes. Within the first two years of making Aliyah, New Immigrants are eligible to take advantage of a discount on Arnona ranging anywhere between 70–90% for one 12 month annual period.

Keep in mind that if you are moving into an apartment with other roommates that are not new immigrants, then the discount of the Arnona will be granted proportionally only for the portion that you are paying.


How it Works

There are several steps to take in order to claim your Arnona benefits, and it is important to understand that each city may have its own policy concerning payment of Arnona.

In order to claim the discount on Arnona, you will need to make sure the bill is transferred onto your name in order to avoid charges owed by any previous tenant.

For a list of documentation to bring with you for Arnona related matters at the Ministry of Interior, and for a breakdown of the discount provided on Arnona in each city, and links to other Aliyah benefits, check out Nefesh B’Nefesh‘s site.

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