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Florentin Neighborhood – A Growing Metropolis

An inside scoop into one of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhood!

Tel Aviv is considered to be the startup city, a nonstop city—a city filled with venues for entertainment, culture and art. From Jaffa’s stone buildings, all the way to Florentin’s disheveled character and unique architecture, Tel Aviv’s neighborhoods have a number of elements that differentiate all the areas from each other.

Aside from Neve Tsedek, Florentin is considered to be one of Tel Aviv’s oldest and most thriving neighborhoods. Named after David Florentin, a Greek Jew who bought the land in the 1920’s and turned it into the industrial zone it is today, the neighborhood has become an attraction to young professionals seeking haven in the nonstop city. Located in south Tel Aviv, the area has earned a reputation for its untidy and unkempt streets, street corners filled with musicians and local artists, and underground bars. Home to many of the country’s impoverished citizens and foreign workers, Florentin’s history is filled with a combination of poverty and wealth.

In recent years, many projects have been put into place to transform the neighborhood into what it is today—a growing metropolis rich with a sense of Bohemian vibes. Florentin’s wide selection of art galleries and museums, to its independent art scene and even more dynamic taste in architecture, has turned the neighborhood into a main attraction for Tel Aviv’s young crowd. Ranging from torn down buildings next to eclectic and Bauhaus styled ones, the neighborhood has become one of the city’s most demanded areas to invest in property and an ideal location for students and young professionals to reside.

Whether you’re interested in high end shops, small boutiques, architecture of all sorts, or are simply looking for a good night out in town, Florentin is the place to be these days!

For an inside scoop on one of the latest projects going on in Florentin, the Reviat Florentin project, check out the link by clicking here.

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