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It’s the soup season in sunny Tel-Aviv! 5 top spots to warm up your body and soul

It's the soup season in sunny Tel-Aviv! 5 top spots to warm up your body and soul

Soups arsoup1e not a big part of native Israeli diet during the hot and steamy summer, but, come winter, locals flock to one of these great restaurants to warm up during the chilly (and not so chilly) winter days. When summer ends, the soup craze is taking over the city and brings with it a lot of delicious staples. From chicken soup to the infamous spicy “Orange Soup” made (not surprisingly)from orange colored vegetables, Israelis know how to enjoy a winter pick-me-up. Drop by one of our top 5 great restaurants to enjoy a hot plate of a special winter treat!

Felafel Gabai,  Address: 26 Bograshov  or 269 Dizengoff

This staple spot has the locals raving about its selection of soups, but is easily missed by an unaware tourist on the busy Bograshov Street. Almost all Tel Avivians in the know are aware of this falafel hidden gem, but it has also gained reputation for being one of the best places to enjoy soup in the entire country. Customers come and go in large numbers and, due to high turnover, the soups are always fresh. With a selection of traditional staples as well as local specialties, it is hard to choose from many delicious looking broths. During the winter months, there are usually four or five soups to choose from and the selection is changed almost daily. The good news is- you can taste everything on the menu to make up your mind.  Authentic, healthy and cheap, the place itself is very  small, an in-and-out type of place to grab a quick steaming bowl of soup.

Zuppa Address: 19 Ehad Haam, or 138 Ibn Gavirol 

Specializing in soups, this great restaurant has two branches in the center of Tel Aviv and is a great place to get a quick cup of soup while on the run somewhere in this non-stop city. 5 daily specials to either order online, take away or eat in. In addition to soups enjoy a freshly baked rustic bread to use as a soup dip and a selection of garnishes such as crackers, sour cream, butter or  herbs. Soups come in a special microwave friendly package. Great for those in a hurry who want to enjoy a great cup of soup!

Soupizza: 56 Yehuda Halevi

With a distinct Italian flavor, Soupizza, as the name suggests, offers soups and pizza. Homey Italian atmosphere and reasonable prices. A selection of 5 to 8 daily soups mostly vegan and based on seasonal veggies and legumes, served with baked bread. Great vegetarian option.

Kiki: 147 Dizengoff 

This vegetarian gem began as just a soup restaurant a couple of years ago. While they have now expanded to include Israeli specialties, such as hummus and shakshuka, the main focus of Kiki remains to be vegan soups. And they know what they are doing! Divine flavors and fresh ingredients will leave you craving for more.

Hanna’s soups: 58 HaHetzel 

The Menu offers nine types of soups based on meat and most of them you can find every day. Rich and satiating, with distinct Middle Eastern flavors and aromas, those soups are a great way to fill the stomach with nutritious and healthy warmth to forget about the winter blues.




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