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TLV News: keep track of Tel Aviv’s real estate jungle

TLV News: keep track of Tel Aviv's real estate jungle

The Jewish holidays are finished, as is the summer. So no escaping from work any more.  Sad but true. But not to worry. We at ProperTLV are starting with TLV News, a newsletter to keep you updated about all the real estate developments and other important issues in this exciting and always changing city. In TLV News we offer you a selection of the stories in the English press here in Israel.

If you have any questions you can off course always call or mail one of our specialists. He or she will will be more than happy yo help you.

  • Everybody has an opinion on the light rail that is being built right now. But what will it mean for the house prices?  Check:
  • Where have all the prostitutes gone? Haaretz explains why we don’t see them so much anymore in the streets of Tel Aviv:
  • A short update by Globes about recent real estate deals. To get a grasp of the market. Check:
  • Slowly Rothschild is changing in a small Manhattan on the Mediterranean. Read here about all the high rises, and especially the Richard Meier Tower:
  • An interview with Roni Brik, president of The Israel Builders Association. ‘We are undergoing a change from a very unstable market to a stable market.’ In JPost:
  • TLV is amazing. But far from beautiful. And that’s how it was meant to be, claims new book. ‘ The city’s planners didn’t aim for the look to be pleasing, but rather to reflect the truth.’ Check:


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