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ProperTLV guide to… Jaffa

ProperTLV guide to... Jaffa

Jaffa is where you get a taste of history! It’s the oldest part of the city.  The area was already inhabited in 7500 BCE and now has a unique blend of Arab and Jewish populations. Beautiful, centuries old buildings, which have been going through renovation. But without losing its charm. Especially popular with expats, because of the location of the  renowned international school.

It’s the place where numerous mythological and biblical stories are set, from Jonah to Andromeda. Where the Arabs first took over in 636 and the crusaders entered in 1099. Names like Saladin and king Richard the Lionheart are connected to this port city. But the old, which you still feel on every street corner, got connected with the new: project developers discovered the uniqueness of the area and are building a lot of projects.

Especially the picturesque old city with it’s small streets and churches and mosques is unique and provides a gorgeous view over Tel Aviv. A place where Arabs are fishing next to the promenade, while next to it jewish couples are making wedding pictures. Entertainment you’ll find in the Flea Market, a combination of small little shops and restaurants and bars. Especially on Friday afternoon it’s a vibrant place, with live music on every street corner.

Jaffa is home of Dr. Shakshuka, the original place to eat the famous breakfast with tomato and eggs. Or go fine dining in The Fleamarket restaurant and top it off with a few beers in Shaffa. Or go the port for fish and salads at the Old Man and the Sea, named after a novel of Ernest Hemingway.

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