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ProperTLV’s top 5… Streetfood

ProperTLV's top 5... Streetfood

Tel Aviv is a walhalla for foodies. But no need to always go to a fancy restaurant when you can pick up the best dishes on the street. Whether it comes in a pita, roll or on a plate: the streetfood in Tel Aviv belongs to the best in the world. We at ProperTLV have of course our own favorites. No top 5 this time, but a top 4:

Sabich Frishman

Fights are being fought every single day about which place serves the best sabich in Tel Aviv. And for all you non-believers: yes, the best one is on Frishman Street. Never heard of sabich? You should be ashamed and better run straight to this little place near the corner of Frishman and Dizengoff. It’s an Iraqi dish that comes in a pita with fried eggplant, brown egg (yes!) potato and salad. And of course with the delicious amba-sauce. For the best streetfood, you have to wait a bit though. There’s almost always a long queue, but don’t let that scare you: they are fast. Very fast. Just as fast as you’ll eat this amazing pita.

The Lonely Planet discovered this Sabich place:

And of course TripAdvisor:

Their own Facebook page:

The Haaretz offers some more options for sabich:



Forget about McDonald’s or the recently returned Burger King. Tel Aviv has far better hamburger joints. It’s hard though to make a decision which one is the best. There is the Port 19 Meat Shack on Shlomo Hamelech, which serves juicy and tasty burgers with a big variety. Or eat a great one in the American style diner on Allenby, near the big synagogue. We promise: you won’t be disappointed. Perhaps only about the fact that you didn’t visit the best place in Tel Aviv. The one that suits also the best in the category ‘streetfood’ as you’ll eat probably on the street: the place is too small for al the burgerlovers in Tel Aviv. We are talking of course about Vitrina, which has not only the best burgers but also the best fries in town. They have a place on Lilienblum, but go to the original one on Ibn Gabirol. Yummy!

More on Vitrina:

Top 5 Burgers in Tel Aviv


Abu Gosh

Israeli people have it running through their veins: hummus! Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or diner. Or as a side dish: the mashed chickpeas are everywhere. And in every travel guide, magazine or newspaper they’ll direct you to the best place in town: Abu Hassan in Jaffa. They’re right: this Arabic place has the best hummus. You’ll have to wait outside in line a while, but after that you’ll enter heaven. But even heaven sometimes is not good enough. At Abu Hassan they only serve hummus, pita and onions. But what if you would like some falafel with it? Or a tasty and healthy salad? Or a soup? Or some French fries? For the hummus deluxe version go to Abu Gosh on Dizengoff street. It’s streetfood with the full package!

Their website (in Hebrew):




Is it streetfood? It’s food and you’ll eat it on the street. So yes, malabi is streetfood. And it’s very simple: milk pudding with rosewater and nuts. And cheap: 10 shekel. At least at The Malabya, which is our favorite by far. They have a few branches, notably in the new Rothschild-Allenby market and on Allenby street (more towards the sea). Do like the local does and play a few games of ‘sheshbesh’ (backgammon) while eating your malabi, a dish that probably originates from Turkey. You can order it in fancy restaurants as a dessert, paying around 40 shekels, but hey, the best food you find on the street. So go to the Malabya and taste it yourself!


More on malabi:

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