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Sneak Peek into the World of Tel Aviv Interior Design

Sneak Peek into the World of Tel Aviv Interior Design
From vintage to modern, here’s a sneak peek into Tel Aviv’s unique housing designs! 

Known for its savvy technological innovations and contributions to the fields of science and medicine, Tel Aviv has earned its reputation as the “startup city” in the Mediterranean coast. But there’s more to the city than just the latest apps or new medical discoveries–the city’s high end architecture and the world of interior design has contributed to its authentic character in the Israeli Real Estate development industry. 

If you’re looking for some of Tel Aviv’s best interior designers to flare up your living space, here’s our list of recommended ones, and examples of their work:


Would you consider yourself a tech savvy individual that’s up to date with the latest gadgets and housing appliances? This brilliant smart house design concept is great for homeowners who like the idea of controlling their apartment with the simple click of a button. Itai Cahan is recognized as one of Tel Aviv’s most exquisite architects and interior designers, specializing in modern and upscale designs, while promising luxury and exclusivity in all of his housing projects. 

Hovevey Tzion Living Room & KitchenHovevey Tzion LoftHovevey Tzion Kitchen & Living Room

For more information about his latest project, click here.


Want to add a cottage like vibe to your dream home, and feel as if you are on an ongoing vacation? Michal and Uri Kauffman are your experts for this sort of housing design challenge. Their ability to turn any living space into a cozy environment is evident through their attention to detail, knack for selecting the right shades for the walls and choosing furniture that suits the overall theme and style of your vision.

Reuveni St Dining Area Reuveni St Kitchen Reuveni St Bedroom     


Ever imagined turning your home into a chic vintage living space? Designed with the highest detail, Gad Sassower’s interior design housing projects aim to give homeowners a taste of a modern retro concept. His unique designs, along with his exquisite and significant taste in furniture and appliances, account for exclusivity in all of his work. 

Nikanor St Bathroom

Nikanor St Kitchen Nikanor St Living Room and Dining Area

Dating back to Tel Aviv’s 1930’s Bauhaus styled buildings that have remained untouched, the city has been recognized for its rich history and overall urbanized transformation. This transition from rural to urban has become a trademark for the city’s authentic character, and has paved the way to its title as the “White City” for its architectural enlightenment. 

From eclectic styled exteriors to smart house interiors, there is no better way to get to know a city than through its architectural establishments. Every year, the city captures the hearts of those who visit with its diverse taste in interior and architectural designs, offering a wide range of tours to get to know the city from within.

For an inside scoop into some of the latest Israeli interior designs, don’t miss out on the annual Houses from Within event taking place in apartments throughout the nonstop city!

*Written and updated by Yael Sasonov
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