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Tel Aviv’s Neve Tzedek Neighborhood — Every City Trotter’s Dream

Tel Aviv's Neve Tzedek Neighborhood -- Every City Trotter's Dream
 Narrow streets, upscale restaurants, and beautiful architecture–What to look out for in one of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhoods!


Known to be one of Tel Aviv’s most exclusive areas, Neve Tzedek’s convenient seaside location, unique architecture, and Tuscan-like atmosphere has become a trademark for those who visit. Dating back to the late 1800’s, Neve Tzedek is Tel Aviv’s first Jewish neighborhood that was built outside of Jaffa.

Along with its tranquil atmosphere, the neighborhood has a number of one-of-a-kind boutique shops, charming cafes, and cultural venues for locals and tourists to enjoy.

Top 6 Things to Do and See in the Area

1. → Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater
Location: Yehiyeli 5

This performing arts center has been one of Israel’s most prominent centers for dance and theatre since 1908, and has grown to be one of the neighborhood’s main attractions. The Center presents a year-round calendar of Israeli and international contemporary dance companies along with various dance festivals featuring styles such as flamenco, classical Indian dance, and traditional and contemporary dance from China. 

For more information about the latest performances, click here

2. → Ceramics Studio of Samy D
Location: Shabazi 56

If you’re into ceramics, make sure to stop by this authentic studio and explore the world of ceramics with the help of French born artist, Samy D. 

For more information about his studio, click here.

3. →  Rokach House
Location: Shimon Rokach 36

Interested in learning more about the neighborhood’s unique history? Check out the Rokach House for an insight into more about Neve Tzedek’s main initiators and prominent figures.

For more info or to schedule a visit, click here.


Nachum Gutman Museum in Neve Tzedek.

 4. → Nachum Gutman Museum
Location: Shimon Rokach 21

Another great museum to check out if you’re strolling through the area, is this Bauhaus styled museum featuring various exhibits by some of Tel Aviv’s well renowned artists. 

For more info or to schedule a visit, click here.

5. → HaTachana Compound
Location: Hamered St on the corner of Koyfman

The city’s New Station Compound is one of the neighborhood’s most trendiest areas, offering a number of great cafes, restaurants, an organic market, art galleries and fun family activities. The area offers locals and visitors a number of trendy cafes, wine bars, and boutique shops, making it an upscale venue for Neve Tzedek’s upscale society. It is the venue to a number of Tel Aviv’s most exclusive events, hosting gatherings such as the Chocolate Festival, or the Cities Summit, Tel Aviv’s DLD Innovation Festival, and a number of other events organized by the city’s Municipality. 

For more information about events and gatherings at this exclusive venue, click here.

6. → Shabazi Street

Shabazi street is one of the main streets in Neve Tzedek and is the home to some of the neighborhood’s most authentic boutique shops and cafes. Residents and city trotters can find themselves exploring the various wonders the neighborhood has to offer, just by strolling through Shabazi street.

Architecture and Art

In recent years, Neve Tzedek neighborhood has experienced an architectural enlightenment–ranging from restored buildings, cobblestone alleyways, and authentic interior design with a touch of vintage.

The area’s contemporary design and wide range of Bauhaus art movements, have contributed to its authentic charm, making it a growing attraction for writers and artists in the nonstop city.

A number of well renowned architects have turned the neighborhood into a peaceful haven for many prominent figures ranging from former Nobel Prize winner, Shmuel Yosef Agnon, writer Yosef Haim Brenner, to artist Nachum Gutman and a number of others who reside in the area.

In the area and looking for things to do? Make sure to stop by the neighborhood’s wide range of boutique shops, charming cafes, museums, and explore everything that it has to offer!


* Written by Yael Sasonov and Shelley Ram
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