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TLV News: keep track of Tel Aviv’s real estate jungle

You got 50 millions shekel to spend? Sorry, you’re too late. Ruth Chesnin beat you in buying one of the most beautiful penthouses in TLV. The 81 year old granddaughter of one of Teva’s founders pulled out her purse and payed 47 million shekel for the apartment on the corner of Ahad Haam and Nachmani. Globes has the story:

Friends over from abroad and you have no more place under you roof? Some amazing hotels opened their doors recently. Ok, it will cost a bit, but who doesn’t want the best for his of her parents?

It should have been the jewel on the crown of Tel Aviv: the Fashion Mall. But the mall hasn’t delivered yet. Some shops left, it’s lossing money, but the amount of sales are finally picking up. How are thing in what is increasingly looking like the new heart of TLV.


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