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TLV News: keep track of Tel Aviv’s real estate jungle

The days are getting shorter, but the real estate market  in Tel Aviv is always bright and shining. Therefore a new TLV News, with all the latest developments in the city.

Although a lot is happening around the old bus station, a lot of people still see it as troublesome area. This should all change with the new urban development plan for the area, writes Globes:

Who or what is to blame for the ever rising housing prices in Israel? According to the CEO of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Ittai Ben-Zee, it’s partly because of the rising antisemitism in the world.

For a short but insightful list of recent real estate deals in Israel, check the list of Globes:

Love living in TLV, but still want to visit the eternal city of Jerusalem so now and then? It will take some more time before you can do that with new express train. Two more years, at least:

Secular versus religious, part 3765. The High Court has after a long battle decided that supermarkets in Tel Aviv can stay open on a shabbat. But the fight will continue.


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