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Top 3 Restaurants in Tel Aviv’s Yemenite Quarter

Top 3 Restaurants in Tel Aviv's Yemenite Quarter
 Apartment hunting in the neighborhood and want to stop and grab a bite to eat? Check out our list of recommended restaurants in Tel Aviv’s Yemenite Quarter!


1. → Rachel Meeting Place
Location: Malan Street 4

Located in the heart of the Yemenite Quarter, and seconds from Tel Aviv’s Mediterranean coastline, there’s one Syrian restaurant in town that has become a go-to for locals and city trotters. For your ultimate Syrian experience, make sure to stop by this restaurant and indulge in a number of authentic dishes like black-eyed peas and eggplant with meat, chickpeas with Spinach, green fava beans and more. The restaurant has been specializing and serving Syrian food for over 40 years, and offers locals an opportunity to experience a taste of Syria in one of Tel Aviv’s most thriving seaside neighborhoods. 

2. → Cafe Cohen
Location: Yishkon Street 32

Cafe Cohen on Yishkon 32.

Cafe Cohen on Yishkon 32.

Shlomo Cohen-min

Shlomo Cohen singing for his customers at Cafe Cohen on Yishkon 32.

Amongst the many bakeries and coffee shops in the neighborhood, Cafe Cohen is definitely a unique stop for a quick coffee break. One of its main attractions is Shlomo Cohen’s musical talents as he roasts coffee and sings for his customers.

Originally built by his grandfather, the cafe was preserved in a similar concept, with music and coffee for everyone to enjoy. Shlomo sings a variety of music for his customers– ranging from Italian opera music, Frank Sinatra’s hits, cantorial music and Yemenite songs.

3. → Rina and Zcharia

Location: Kovshim Street 22


Yemenite Lachuch pita bread

If you’re apartment hunting in the area and are looking for authentic Yemenite cuisine for breakfast or lunch, then this restaurant is the best place to get your local Yemenite experience. The restuarant’s menu contains some of the best selections of soups that are made of meat, vegetable dishes with rice and a slice of Yemenite Lachuch (a spongy pita bread) to go along with some of their best soups or sauces! The restaurant is named after an old couple who are there to advise you on any of there meals. From meat dishes to vegetable and rice delicacies, this restaurant is a must see if you’re in the neighborhood. 


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