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Top 5 Outdoors Workouts in Tel Aviv

Top 5 Outdoors Workouts in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is known for the beautiful beaches and crazy nightlife, but the city is full of hidden gyms to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.. Here are a few places to get a good workout.

Rock-climbing in HaYarkon Park:

HaYarkon is one of the biggest parks in Tel Aviv, and one of the prettiest. It has running trails, biking trails, and a river that you can kayak down. One of the cooler things to do in this park is rock climb. There is a rock-climbing wall located in the park, and they provide all the equipment. It is beginner friendly, and makes a fun workout, great for a Saturday morning.

Watersports on the Beach

Watersports including paddleboarding, kite surfing, regular surfing, and windsurfing are becoming increasingly popular! It is a great way to work out while making the most of the amazing beaches!If you have experience there are a few places to rent out equipment. If lessons are in order there are a few places including SportX that offer classes with trained professionals. Head to the Dolphinarium Beack to check it out.

Outdoor Gyms

Israel is dedicated to keeping its citizens healthy, and as a result there are workout parks located all over Israel. Workout parks are little mini gyms, with machines that use body weight as resistance, and are completely free. Tel Aviv also has many workout parks, on the beach as well as in Meir Garden, and Yarkon Park. Grab a water bottle, go for a job and end up at a workout park to get your weight training in!

Workout Groups

Tel Avivians like to stay fit, and they like doing it in groups! There are a multitude of workout groups who offer everything from TRX, Yoga, Bootcamp and strength training classes, all outside! Meet Israelis and foreigners alike, get in shape, and enjoy a new experience! Make sure to check out Secret Tel Aviv for information on the different groups, and check out Bootcamp Squad and 5101 ( a workout group in Yarkon Park)

Biking around Tel Aviv

 Biking is a famous method of transportation for many of the bigger European cities, and Tel Aviv is not to be left out! Bikes for rent are located all over the city, meaning you can explore as much as you’d like and stop when you are tired. The bike rentals range from per hour to weekly or monthly. Biking is a great form of exercise as well as a great way to explore Tel Aviv. Be sure to try it out!

By Zoey Ilouz

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