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Top 6 Nightlife Venues in Tel Aviv

Top 6 Nightlife Venues in Tel Aviv
In town and looking to spend the night out with friends? Here’s our list of great nightlife venues to check out!

Tel Aviv is known to be a thriving city filled with many entertainment venues to explore. Whether you’re in town for the weekend or celebrating a special occasion, there is never a dull moment when it comes to the city’s nightlife!

The city has established its reputation as the “nonstop city” for its vibrant nightlife, offering tourists and locals endless options for a quiet drink with that special someone or places to dance the night away with friends.

One of the best things about traveling in Tel Aviv, is that there’s always a dance party going on every night of the week. Here is a list of our favorite dance bars and clubs in the city:

1. → Kuli Alma (Underground Bar)
Location: Mikveh Israel 10

Kuli Alma entrance

Kuli Alma entrance

Kuli Alma is by far one of the most recommended bars to check out in south Tel Aviv. Its great music, radiant vibes and really good food, makes it one of the best places to hang out. The bar is uniquely designed and has an art-focused theme, giving locals an opportunity to enjoy from the art exhibits that are held there. It is owned and operated by a collective of Tel Aviv’s DJ artists and party personas, which is obvious when you walk in and see the street art murals, vintage films and art clips projects onto the walls.

Whether you want a fun night out dancing with friends or a more laid back evening planted on one of the couches to have a chill conversation, Kuli Alma has it all! 

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2. → Nanuchka (Dance Bar, Restaurant)
Location: Lillenblum 28

Nanuchka is a remarkable Georgian restaurant and bar offering a memorable night of entertainment. The bar is known for its delicious vegan Georgian cuisine, music and a cheerful atmosphere for locals to enjoy. It is one of the most talked about places in Tel Aviv for its bohemian styled interior, and authentic Georgian music. The service is friendly, and the food is different from the usual bar eating options. It is a very lively place with people drinking and enthusiastically dancing on the bar.

For more info about this bar, click here 

3.  Suramare (Rooftop Bar)
Location: SaAdia Gaon 24 (entrance from Tzaklag 21)

Suramare Rooftop

Suramare Rooftop

If you want a mix of a trendy and posh crowd, then Suramare is definitely a bar to check out. Situated on a rooftop with a panoramic view overlooking Tel Aviv, this rooftop bar is a must-see on our list. Its underground garage entrance filled with video clips projecting off the walls make it a unique experience for first timers. The layout is chic, with a bar and spread out tables in the interior and a touch of a Tuscan feel to its exterior. 

For more info about this rooftop bar, click here

4. → Rubi (Bar)
Location: Yermiyahu 14

Situated in Tel Aviv’s old north neighborhood, Rubi bar feels like a mix between a lounge and your rich friends house. It’s a two-story bar with private rooms and uniquely styled doorways resembling those of bookcases, that can only be accessible from the street. At midnight you’ll hear the song “Ruby” by the Kaiser Chiefs while champagne is popped and napkins dance through the air as the night has truly begun.

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5. → Dizzy Frishdon (Bar)
Location: Dizengoff 121

This trendy bar is located close to three of Tel Aviv’s main streets, which is where it got its name. Situated on the corners of Dizengoff, Frishman and Gordon, Dizzy Frishdon is one of the city’s most popular bars in the neighborhood. It is definitely a must-see for its selection of food, drinks, young crowd, and mainstream music! Thursday nights is a hit and a perfect time to bring a date or just to meet new people.

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6. → Biggy-Z (Club)
Location: Bugrashov 18

Biggy-z club is a concept taken from New Orleans. This unique half indoor/outdoor club is a blend between the vibe of New Orleans steamy jazz clubs and the lively atmosphere of the infamous “mardi gras.” The most unique element that makes this club different than any other place in Tel Aviv is the “unlimited refill” drinking model, which is provided for guests that purchase a wristband. This carnival-like atmosphere should be on your to do list while visiting Tel Aviv.

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*Written by Shelley Ram; Edited and Updated by Yael Sasonov
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