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Top 7 Reasons to Move to Israel

Top 7 Reasons to Move to Israel
Contemplating on moving overseas? Here’s a list of 7 reasons why Israel should be your first destination to consider on your quest for a new home!

Whether we’re at work filing papers, in the middle of running daily errands, or simply enjoying an afternoon walk around our neighborhood, human nature constantly craves adventure and the desire of being somewhere else—preferably on some long lost island with tropical trees, a lot of sunlight, and natural mango juice. 

If there’s one place in the world that comes close to paradise, Israel definitely fits the description. On top of its great weather and nature filled weekend escapes, the country’s  laid back lifestyle, wide range of newly innovative technologies and its convenient Mediterranean location, offers it an advantage for investors looking to do business in the Middle East. 

Check out our list of 7 reasons to consider Israel as your #1 destination when choosing to invest in property, and start the apartment hunt today!

1. → Location, LocAtion, LOCATION!

Sea view from a rooftop balcony. Photo Credit: Yael Sasonov

With the Mediterranean Sea to its West, the Red Sea in the South, and Europe and Asia just on its border, Israel is conveniently located hours from the world’s most visited countries. The country provides its residents an opportunity to be immersed in a number of different cultures simultaneously on a daily basis. It attracts tourists, investors, high tech and startup buffs, diplomats, expats, and business minded individuals who come to the country to explore all the perks it has to offer–turning it into the epicenter of the world and most talked about country we see on the news.  

2. → Great Weather All Year Round

On top of its unique geographic positioning, Israel’s great year round weather is definitely a bonus for homeowners looking to invest in property. Whether you decide to visit in the summer months or in the middle of October, bathing suit season doesn’t end until, well, ever. Take a stroll along Tel Aviv’s promenade by the beach in the middle of winter, and catch a glimpse of the city’s locals catching some sun or simply enjoying the sunset while eating some ice cream.

3. → Israeli Cuisine and Fruit Stands 

Shakshuka. Photo Credit: Yael Sasonov

They say that the best way to get to know a place is through its local cuisine. Israel’s wide range of options for healthy food, vegan recipes, and homemade delicacies, definitely make it the place to be for food enthusiasts looking to explore the options! From spicy Shakshuka for breakfast, to a delicious dish of Georgian food for meat lovers and on-the-go Middle Eastern beef Shawarma found on every street corner, Israeli cuisine is made up of a vast range of cultural recipe combinations. 

On top of its constantly packed restaurants and cafes, the country takes pride in its fruit stands that are found on every street corner in most of its cities.  When you’re on the quest to find your dream apartment, stop by one of these fruit stands and order your dose of a strawberry banana or mango fruit shake!

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4. → The Locals 

You either love them or find them extremely demeaning, but you definitely know they’re amusing to say the least. Israelis are quite the character–they can actually be considered a breed of their own. Their welcoming attitude, lack of formality in first encounters, and ongoing positive approach to life can almost be too much to handle if you’re used to something different. But what makes them stand out is their ongoing contributions in the fields of science, health, and technology. The innovations coming from Israel’s start-up industry is one of the main factors that makes the country the number one place to live in when looking to invest in property. 

5. → The Laid Back Lifestyle

As much as Israelis seem to constantly be on a mission to tackle the latest challenge, they are also experts in taking some time to rest, even if it means running errands or stopping to enjoy an upside-down coffee in the middle of a regular work day. Their ongoing ability to bump into strangers on the streets and talk to them as if they’ve known them their whole lives, is definitely a skill worth noting. This open and less formal approach to daily life, and the laid back dress code in work environments, definitely makes the country one of the most entertaining places to live in for visitors or expats.

6. → The Haggling

Whether you’re haggling down the price of antiques at the Jaffa flea market or negotiating the price of rent, Israel is known to be every haggler’s dream come true.  There’s no better feeling than getting the best deals on items we really want, and Israel is the best place to test your bargaining skills. 

7. → Breathtaking Views and Landscapes

From the Sea of Galilee, to the Negev Desert and the coast of Eilat, Israel offers visitors and locals a chance to explore its breathtaking sites. Its wide range of nature attractions make it an ideal destination for homeowners looking to invest in property. 

Whether you’re looking for a place to vacation or to call home, Israel is the number one country to invest in property. Its ideal location, wide range of attractions, and its growing international community has made it one of the most thriving areas for business and pleasure!

* Written and Updated by Yael Sasonov
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