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Top 5 Happiest Places To Drink Coffee In TLV

Top 5 Happiest Places To Drink Coffee In TLV

Tel Aviv’s best cafes are not immediately visible: they are tucked away in quiet alleyways and off-the-beaten-track neighborhoods. We believe that coffee is meant to be enjoyed. Take a break from trekking around Tel Aviv and enjoy some perfectly-crafted coffee!

Here is a list of the top 5 happiest places to drink coffee in TLV:

1. Cafe Yom Tov

Location –> Yom Tov 30, Kerem Hatemineamcoffee1

Cafe Yom Tov is a perfect sanctuary from the chaos of the city. The place exudes trendy retro vibes – from its vintage furniture to the paintings and original 1950’s walls. Not only can you get a great cup of coffee, but you can also get to hear local bands performing on one of their many cultural evenings. Other events you would be sorry to miss include book signings, literature and philosophy readings, and game nights. Their kitchen is open from the morning till the evening and offer fresh food from the local organic market (the shuk) nearby. 

What makes us happy?

“That people tell us that they love our coffee shop. When musicians come here, it also makes us feel good. That we look around and feel we made it. That we created a real space for a culture center.”


2. Cafe Bialik

Bialik 2, Tel Aviv

Cafe Bialik is a neighborhood favorite thanks to its delicious menu, breezy terracoffee-beans-618858__180ce and amazing coffee. Don’t miss out on their mini-breakfast: perfect eggs, salad and a yummy piece of cheese! Bialik is staffed with some of the nicest people around, making it the ultimate happy hot-spot. In addition to their wonderful service and delicious coffee, Cafe Bialik is a haven for local singer/songwriters. The small, intimate stage hosts a variety of different entertainers nightly – from stand-up to open mic.

What makes us happy?

“When people tell us they like our coffee shop and they enjoyed being here. People dont understand how much it means to us when they give us good feedback, it makes us feel good the rest of the day.”

3. Cafeflix

Location –> Yohanan HaSandlar 23, Tel AvivCoffee owner

This Australian-style coffee shop is an excellent option if you are in the heart of Tel Aviv and craving a great cup of coffee. The baristas are friendly and the decor is charming. These coffee professionals focus all of their attention and dedication in serving you the ultimate cup of coffee – they carefully select the purest Arabica beans from all four corners of the world and slow-roast them onsite. To all coffee fanatics: tread carefully, or you may just end up becoming addicted to this place!

What makes us happy?

 “Eating. Meeting people.”


4. Sus Etz

Location –> Shenkin 20

One of our favorite cafes in the heart of Tel Aviv, Sus Etz is trendy and effortlessly cool.  The interior is a breath of fresh air – beautiful, spacious, and flooded with sunlight. Although the owners take their coffee very seriously (with wonderful results, I should add), their kitchen is also worth mentioning with a great variety of tasty meals served throughout the day. Sus Etz earns its popularity from its infamous good vibes, making it a great place to catch up with friends over a lovingly-prepared cup of coffee. Consistently good, and consistently busy.

What makes us happy?



5. The little Prince


Location–> King George 19, Tel Avivcoffee1

The little prince is a true community affair- frequented by locals and tourists alike, it offers more than just books and coffee.  The Cafe host a variety of interesting events and exhibits, from book readings to open mic night. As soon as you step in, you will feel an instant urge to peruse every corner of the charming interior and its shelves lined with treasures — a jungle of books, both old and new. On these shelves, art history books rub shoulders with novels of all shapes and sizes, psychology manuals and philosophy treaties. I should also add that the food is lip-smackingly good. This bookshop is not to be missed for anyone seeking a unique Tel Aviv experience.

 What makes us happy?

“When people come to this place and enjoy. We can see the enjoyment in their face, thats when we are happy.”

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