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The Top 5 Places For Beer Lovers In Tel Aviv

The Top 5 Places For Beer Lovers In Tel Aviv

Craft beer revolution overtook the party capital of Israel a couple of years ago, and now one can find world class beer gardens scattered throughout the city. The highest concentration of drinking spots for beer lovers is situated in the eclectic and bohemian district of Florentin. Savor the distinct Mediterranean flavors with the unique Israeli spin on hand made beer in one of the best beer gardens in TLV.

1. Beer Garden Paulaner

Location: Sarona market, Aluf Kalman Magen 3beer1


Beer Gardens are a great alternative to a noisy pub or club, and is perfect for those looking for a more relaxed vibe or if you are simply looking for something different. One of the best beer gardens is located in Tel Aviv’s newest hot spot, Sarona Market. Beer Garden Paulaner has a chill and easygoing atmosphere similar to that of a real Bavarian beer garden. You can enjoy the large variety of Paulaner beers on tap, while breathing in fresh air and listening to some music with friends or strangers.

2. Beer Bazaar

Location: Carmel market, Yishkon 36


Forget wine bars and beachside cocktails, beer gardens are taking over Tel Aviv, and hipsters and locals alike have never been happier.  If locally made beer is what you are looking for, then Beer Bazaar in the Carmel market has over 90 different types of craft beer.  All of them are made in Israel, from the Golan Heights all the way to the Negev.  House beers are served on tap, while the fridges are stocked full with cold bottles filled with locally made beers. The patrons have an opportunity to taste a vide variety of beers made in different localities throughout the country, creating so to say a ‘ beer tour’ of Israel experience.  Beer lovers can also sample all the fresh food available at the Carmel Market the busy and vibrant atmosphere of which makes for a unique experience and gives a quintessential taste of Israeli life right in the centre of Tel Aviv.

3. Casitabeer5

Location: Retzif Haaliya Hashniya 48


Another popular spot that offers a great variety of craft beer is Casita in Jaffa Port. Casita’s amazing terrace with high tables and bar chairs  allows its guests to explore the wide panorama of Tel Aviv while enjoying a wonderful taste of fresh beers and snacks. You will never regret booking a table here for any occasion. The great location gives you endless options to continue your day after walking on the promenade of Tel Aviv or the Jaffa Old City or to embark on one of numerous bar tours that guarantee an unforgettable experience.

4. Dancing Camel

Location: Florentin, Hataasia 12beer8


If you want to go really local, pay a visit to the Dancing Camel in the heart of Florentin. The pioneer of craft beers, the Dancing Camel was the first micro-brewery to open in Israel. This intimate, dimly lit bar with a friendly, laid back and local atmosphere has lots of interesting beers on tap, including Zhatar or coffee flavored ones. You can taste everything before you order, so you really can find that special flavor you are looking for. Friendly service, low prices, great beer. Do I need to say more?

5. Porter and Sons

Location: HaArba’a St 14


From the outside, this bar looks like a typical “Irish”  pub. However the looks can be deceiving, as Porter and Sons stocks  ales, lagers, stouts and porters from all over the world and has made a reputation for itself as the place with the widest selection of tap beers in Tel- Aviv, or even in the entire country. Around 50 imported and local beers on tap, and at least as many of bottled varieties are stocked in the fridge. If you are looking to try beers from around the world, than this place must be on your to-do list in TLV

Written by Vera Smirnov, Edited by Shelley Ram

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