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Tel Aviv’s Top 7 Neighborhoods

Tel Aviv's Top 7 Neighborhoods
Looking to move to Tel Aviv and want to learn more about the city’s neighborhoods? Here’s an inside scoop into some of the city’s most demanded areas for homeowners to consider!

1. → Neve Tzedek

Situated in the heart of Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek is considered to be one of the city’s most exclusive locations in the highest demand for homeowners looking to invest in property. This beautiful and scenic neighborhood offers residents a wide range of upscale cafes, gourmet restaurants, designer stores, unique architecture, and is an ideal spot for a romantic stroll along its small streets and alleyways. From Bauhaus architecture, to Eclectic designs and newly preserved buildings, Neve Tzedek promises a journey through time, giving visitors and locals a chance to indulge in everything that the neighborhood has to offer.

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2. → Yemenite Quarter

Whether you’re looking to take a morning stroll by the beach or enjoy some authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, the Yemenite Quarter is a “hot spot” for the city’s locals. This neighborhood is trademarked for its seaside location in Tel Aviv’s city center, and is situated seconds from all of the city’s main attractions. The area is home to some of the most traditional Yemenite restaurants which have been around for decades–turning the neighborhood into an attraction for those who visit.

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3. → Dizengoff 

Known for its wide range of chic restaurants, bars, and upscale stores, the city center has grown to be one of the most demanded areas for Tel Aviv’s young crowd. With Dizengoff shopping center within walking distance to every part of the city, the area has become a prime location for anyone looking to be immersed in the neighborhood’s vibrant lifestyle. When considering areas to invest in property, Tel Aviv’s city center has definitely made it to the top of people’s “must see” lists for its coastal location spreading from the corner of King George street and all the way North of Arlozorov. 

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4. → Florentin 

Situated in an up-and-coming neighborhood in South Tel Aviv, Florentin’s dynamic atmosphere, bohemian vibes and torn down buildings, add to its unique charm. In recent years, the area has become the target for a number of latest housing projects, including the Reviat Florentin–one of the neighborhood’s most exclusive and luxurious complexes–turning it into a hot spot for locals and visitors alike. The neighborhood’s music and art scene, along with its wide range of vintage cafes, has become home to many young professionals, students, and long time residents who have turned the area into a hub of cultural enlightenment. 

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5. → Rothschild

Also referred to as “Lev Ha-Ir,” or the heart of Tel Aviv, Rothschild boulevard is one of Tel Aviv’s most famous streets. Its venues for entertainment, thriving nightlife and the heart of the city’s financial district has turned the area into a prime attraction for homeowners looking to invest in property. Rothschild has some of the most beautiful Bauhaus and eclectic buildings that have contributed to the neighborhood’s unique character. One of the most exclusive housing projects, the Meier tower, was designed in the highest standard by well renowned architects, promising luxury and exclusivity in one of the best spots in the nonstop city. Rothschild area promises residents high standard design and renovation, making it one of the most expensive streets in Tel Aviv, and a “go to” for property investment. 

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6. → Sarona

Sarona, also known as the “German Templars Village” for its establishment in 1871 by the Templars from Southern Germany, is one of the newest and most exclusive neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. Situated within walking distance to the Cameri Theater, London Ministor, and Carlibach streets, this new residential and commercial complex offers a unique mix of both architectural history and an urban experience that combines culture, entertainment and leisure. The neighborhood takes visitors on a journey through time with its taste of contemporary culture, unique architecture, and designer shops and upscale cafes. For homeowners looking to invest in property, the area offers a convenient location close to all the best spots in the nonstop city. Stop by and enjoy the scenery in what is considered to be the core of Tel Aviv’s cultural enlightenment.

“…This is the center of the heart of Tel Aviv”

7. → Old North

With the Port of Tel Aviv and Hayarkon Park as its main attractions, Tel Aviv’s old north neighborhood is considered to be one of the city’s most demanded areas for property investment. From Tel Aviv’s beautiful coastline all the way to Weizmann street and HaMedina Square, the area offers visitors a laid back lifestyle resembling that of Miami. Enjoy a night out in town at any one of the area’s upscale restaurants, chic dance bars, and outdoor venues overlooking the sunset on the Mediterranean’s beautiful coastline.  


Tel Aviv is considered to be the “nonstop city,” the “startup city”–an evolving city that captivates the hearts of those who visit. Whether you are looking to rent or invest in property, Tel Aviv’s seaside location and international community filled with people from every corner of the world, makes it a prime attraction for anyone looking to live in the epicenter of the Middle East.

Don’t miss out on your chance to be immersed in everything this small coastal city has to offer, and start the quest to find the apartment of your dreams in the city that never sleeps!


*Written and updated by Yael Sasonov
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